Directory Structure

Electrik is a non-intrusive package. It will not interfere with your existing structure. Most of the project is based on Laravel's directory structure. You can read more about it here.

However, for the documentation here is how Electrik is structured:

  • art (contains a screenshot of the dashboard you see after logging in)

  • config

  • database/migrations

  • resources/views

  • routes

  • src

  • stubs

  • .gitignore



  • composer.json

  • composer.lock

Art Directory

Art directory contains screenshots and graphics which are used for various documentations and readme files. They are not required or used in the application anywhere.

Config Directory

For Electrik to work properly, it needs to modify some values in default configuration files like auth.php, livewire.php, etc. You can take a look at the files to understand what has changed.


Similar to configuration, Electrik also needs to modify the table structure of existing packages to make it compatible with some features of Electrik. For example, we need to add team_id to Cashier's subscription table to make sure it works for the team rather than a user in the system.

Stubs Directory

This directory contains stubs required for building the Electrik components

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